Using straight-forward text, photographs of work by leading artists in the field, and clear, self- explanitory illustrations, Marcia Lewis presents to students the equivalent of a specialized workshop on the chasing of metal, This book, designed to be kept on a workbench right along with the tools of chasing, provides students with a constant and invaluable reference and review source.

  • Contains more than 150 photos and illustrations
  • Lists of resources and suppliers
  • Uses easy step-by-step methods for making light weight jewelry and sculptural objects
  • Gives direction for making strong, specialized punches & tools
  • Documents special pieces created by nationally recognized artists
  • Shows how to apply chasing to define cast pieces
  • Explores various finishing methods
  • Shows one-of-a-kind pieces as well as applying chasing to limited production fabrication techniques
  • Demonstrates how to work metal directly or combine it with other fabrication techniques such as die forming and hydraulic press forming

Marcia Lewis is a career educator committed to finding ways to promote the field of jewelry and metalsmithing for fun and/or profit. She has been an active supporter of the Society of North American Goldsmiths since 1974. Her own chased work has appeared in numerous publications and can be found in collections such as the Museum of Contemporary Crafts, National Museum of Art, Oakland Museum, the National Ornamental Metal Museum, and the Carnegie Museum of Art. This book attempts to meet the needs of all students, with particular emphasis on those who respond most favorably to visual information in the form of photos and illustrations. The text provides added details well worth exploring.


Ancient Metalworking Technique
with Modern Applications


Chasing Metal by Marcia Lewis - Image of book cover.

"The illustrations and text in Chasing provide an excellent technical resource base for my art students. This in depth over- view is informative for the beginner and advanced student, guiding them clearly through a series of step-by-step problems." - Rachelle Thiewes (University of Texas at El Paso)

"This is an indispensable reference for anyone learning or teaching the chasing process. I feel I have looked over the shoulders of the author and guest artists and learned every secret. It is a generous contribution to the future of metalsmithing." - Linda Threadgill (University of Wisconsin at Whitewater)

"Marcia makes the time honored techniques of chasing and repoussť accessible to today's students, teachers, and professionals. The clarity of presentation and variety of examples provide good how-to information, and show the potential of these ancient yet versatile techniques." - Lucinda Brogden (chasing expert and educator)

Copyright ©2000 by Marcia Lewis. All rights reserved.