(Excerpted from the Safety, Health & Comfort Considerations chapter)

Protect your neck by always practicing good posture. (12-2 & 12-3) Don't work with your head bent over your pitch bowl. In time this can lead to chronic spinal disk problems. A human skull weighs about 11 pounds and is too heavy to be supported solely by the disks at the base of your neck. Lower your work chair and/or raise the pitch bowl and donut up (old telephone books can help) so that your eyes focus on the work with your head in an upright position on your spine.


If you simply can't remember to keep your head up, get a foam neck brace from a surgical supply store and wear it. Resting your chin on the soft foam is very comfortable. It only looks like you're playing for sympathy.

Protect your hammering arm by keeping the elbow in a lowered position. (12-4) If you plan to do many consecutive hours of chasing, wearing a tendon brace prevents the onset of 'tennis-elbow'. 'Tendonitis' feels like someone hit you in the elbow with a ballpeen hammer. When you try to pick up something like a suitcase with that arm, shooting pains will travel from your elbow to your fingertips. It takes time to heal and then you'll never forget to wear your tendon brace again.